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The heart and soul of each city is found in the downtown. It is where the rich rubbed shoulders with the poor, merchants and traders sold their wares in bulk to people from all walks of life, who in turn avidly bargained for the best deal over some coffee and the fragrance of thousands of dishes being cooked in stalls and restaurants permeated the air. It is here that architecture and the arts evolved from the city's soul; the representation of untold generations of conversations, ideas, events and tastes.

March, 2014


Puro Fairtrade coffee is lovingly blended, roasted and packed in Turnhout, Belgium by Miko, a company that has been roasting coffee since 1801 and is in fact older than their own country! The team at Miko don't ever get cold feet because the heat generated from the coffee roasting process is recuperated and used to warm the offices and the production floor.

March, 2014

"After 8" live music

We will be having our first session of "After 8" live music, featuring Jay & Hazel, the soul and jazz dynamic duo swinging contemporary blues and classics, grooves from 8pm to 11pm.

Beers and wines, paired with special snacks menu for the special occasion prepared by our Chef Mike for you.