Our Story

Downtown, is simply named as a tribute to Penang; its unique beauty in the way it has blended and absorbed a myriad of lush cultures and ideas, and kept them alive and thriving to this very day.

The heart and soul of each city is found in the downtown. It is where the rich rubbed shoulders with the poor, merchants and traders sold their wares in bulk to people from all walks of life, who in turn avidly bargained for the best deal over some coffee and the fragrance of thousands of dishes being cooked in stalls and restaurants permeated the air. It is here that architecture and the arts evolved from the city's soul; the representation of untold generations of conversations, ideas, events and tastes.

Downtown is where art & cultures meet, and in this spirit we blend and bring together dishes and beverages inspired from all across the world, and fuse them with Penang's thriving culinary pulse.

A reflection of Penang's soul, a tribute to what made us unique and all the elements that we take pride in, The downtown is history in a dish, and in the spirit of Penang, we have blended our heritage from the past and melded it with gastronomic inspirations from all over the world.

Food is Penang's most prized cultural heritage, and it is The Downtown's aspiration to create art you can savor.